What to Sell as an Early Stage Entrepreneur, New Coach or Side Hustler

How many of you are in the early stages of your business and have finally got your niche statement down packed and have been showing up consistently online BUT…

You have no idea what the hell to sell as a new online coach!

Don’t worry, I got you covered side hustler! Today’s post will be all about what to sell as an early staged entrepreneur and side hustler. I’ll be honest, this is one of the biggest questions that I get asked by my clients. With the right business foundations set up, they are STOKED to finally start charging their worth but freeze up when it comes to selling.

If you don’t read this entire blog post, that’s alright (I hope you do stick around though lol!) but I’m going to tell you exactly as it is.


What I see a lot of new entrepreneurs do is sell low ticket offers such as $19 ebooks or $300 courses. This is a HUGE mistake because when you’re starting out, especially as a side hustler you probably don’t have a huge audience. This means that you would need a lot more traffic in order to get people in your funnel to purchase your products and this might mean investing in Facebook ads. Think about how many of these low ticket offers you would need to sell in order to make let’s say $2,000. The answer is = A LOT! 

Instead, if you focus on high ticket offers anywhere from $2,000 – 4,000+ to work with you, you only need to sell one “unit” in order to make that income. I know that a lot of you side hustlers want to replace your income and this is the fastest and most efficient way to hit high income goals to replace your salary and go full time with your business. 

Now I know you’re probably freaking out and thinking that no one will pay you THAT much money to work with you. Trust me. They will! 

This is your inner belief around not being good enough. Remember that as long as you can help someone to get from their Point A (current state) to Point B (their desired state) and you help them through that transformation, you can sell a high ticket offer! 

I know you’re still thinking this is nuts but hear me out. Let me give you a tangible example. 


So let’s say 2 years ago, you were extremely stressed out in a 9-5 that you hated and making minimum wage. However, through self development and learning how to leverage LinkedIn, you were able to find a better job with better pay and benefits, and over the past 2 years you’ve continuously found better opportunities for yourself through leveraging LinkedIn and writing good resumes and having confidence in interviews. Perhaps in this case, you want to do career coaching to help other women stuck in a bad 9 to 5 to get the job and roles that they deserve. 

The Point A for your ideal client might be that they are stuck in an extremely stressful 9-5 with terrible pay and benefits. Their Point B is that they are working in a 9-5 that they love with great pay, benefits and culture. 

There are SOOO many things that you would be able to coach that person through. 

The reality is, not everyone in a 9-5 knows how to optimize their LinkedIn profile, write a good resume or know how to apply to jobs with confidence, especially during the interview.

The fact that you have done it yourself and you have a repeatable system that you can teach someone is something that is extremely valuable and you shouldn’t discredit your achievements. This also means that you can coach someone through this and charge high ticket prices for your services. Remember, people buy the transformation! 

I hope that this example has really shifted your thoughts around selling high ticket prices as a new entrepreneur, coach and side hustler. Before we wrap up, I also wanted to point out 3 key benefits of selling high ticket offers. 


TIME: 1:1 coaching also doesn’t take that much time to set up which is great because as a side hustler, you don’t have that much time. You only have to dedicate about 1-2 hours a week for your client to coach them privately and potentially provide feedback/checkins and accountability throughout the week or to create some resources for them. Compared to creating a course which typically takes people 1-2 months to actually build out a course. I have nothing against courses and it’s something I’m planning to release sometime in 2020 or 2021 but in the early stages, it’s better to work privately with clients to save time, especially when you are side hustling. 

DATA: Working privately also is great for gathering more research and data for future things in your business. I always like to co-create with my clients. There are times when there’s questions or things that pop up for them so I end up creating an asset/resource so that I can share it across all my clients. These are valuable assets that I can use in the future in my programs or group coaching as well!

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: It honestly makes my day when I talk to my 1:1 clients or when they shoot me a message that I read first thing in the morning where they tell me that they’ve had huge breakthroughs in their business. 1:1 coaching helps you build relationships with your clients but also allows you to build your confidence as a coach to know that you can get your ideal clients the results and transformation.

You see, starting an online business doesn’t have to be scary and hard. Focus on 1 thing in the beginning and as you grow your coaching business, you can start to add more offers. Get over your imposter syndrome of selling high ticket coaching packages! I’m so excited for all of you to start taking action, TODAY! 

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