Paying Off $16k of Debt with Side Hustle Income

Maybe you’ve read the title of this episode and it’s hitting home for you. Today, I will be talking through how I was able to pay off $16k of debt with the income that I’ve made from my side hustle in just 6 months and tips on how you can pay off yours.

Debt is something that is really scary and a taboo topic that not many people talk about. I want to shine the light and share that many people are going through this as well and the more we can each share our own journeys and stories around debt, the more we are able to support each other.

I hope this episode helps to inspire you to start your side hustle and use it as fuel to help you pay off your debt, whether it was student loans, frivolous spending (guilty) or something else. Your debt story is important and I am here to support you. 

Here’s what we’re covering in this week’s episode:


[6:02] – The back story of of my childhood and how that affected my upbringing and my relationship with money.

[9:45] – How external validation and putting a facade about my happiness impacted my debt journey.

[10:19] – The beginning of my side hustle journey and how personal development played a huge part in shaping me to where I am today.

[11:58] – The breakdown of the expenses I had that caused me to go into $16k of debt and how they were all investments for education and personal development.

[15:23] – Tip #1 on how to start paying off your debt with starting an online coaching business while working in a day job.

[17:16] – The second top tip that I have for you when it comes to paying off your debt which will help you reverse engineer what YOU need to do in your business to make dent to pay off your debt.

[18:00] – The third and final tip to help you pay off your debt with your side hustle income and the most important thing when you are being diligent about paying off your debt.

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I’m an online business coach and I help early stage and aspiring entrepreneurs working in a 9 to 5 job launch and grow their business so that they can leave their day job and go full time in their business.