How to Effectively Conduct Market Research

Hey side hustlers!

I hope all of you are keeping safe in this crazy time in our world today. My promise to you is that I’ll keep putting out content for all of you to learn in this difficult time and to inspire you to start your own side hustle as well!

Today we’re going to be talking about one of my FAVOURITE topics and that is… Market Research!

I know some of you saw this and probably cringed a bit but let me tell you that market research is THE most important thing when you are a new entrepreneur. Market research allows you to get data from your ideal client so you can provide the exact product or service to alleviate their problem.

Here’s what we’re covering in this week’s episode:


[1:55] – Who should be conducting market research and why it will help you grow your business

[2:55] – Why should you do market research

[3:30] – The key pieces of information that are most important for you to gather when you are doing market research

[5:00] – Who you should talk to when doing market research

[8:07] – How much market research should you be doing

[13:40] – Where do you find people to fill out your market research?

[14:30] – The market research to paying client formula

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