How to Show Up Confidently Online in 2020 (Video Marketing Tips!)

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Today, I wanted to share with you my top video marketing tips and how to show up confidently online in 2020 to grow your online coaching business.

The fact is, video marketing has been increasingly important when starting an online business.

Almost every single platform nowadays has some type of video feature (except podcasting). Youtube is natively a video platform. Instagram has IGTV, IG Stories and IG Lives that are all video platforms. LinkedIn encourages video posts and even platforms like Pinterest that were primarily used as a photo platform now supports videos as well.

I was reading a Hubspot article and they put out a survey asking consumers what type of content would they want to see more in businesses and more than 50% of them said videos. If you aren’t using video marketing to grow your online coaching business, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Specifically if you are a coach, video is a really great way to build know, like and trust with your audience but I know you might be thinking FML! IT’S SO SCARY THOUGH! I feel you! 

To give you some perspective, I started to post consistently on IG stories when I was getting ready to launch my coaching business and I remember that I would re-record the same 15 second IG story 30+ times before I had the courage to post it.

Even to this day, I get really awkward on video sometimes but I have definitely built the muscle for it and it has gotten easier over time so I want to encourage you to start video marketing as part of your online business marketing strategy.

To be honest, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and leaving money on the table if you are too afraid to put yourself out there so today I will be sharing some tips on how to show up online in 2020



I know this isn’t what you want to hear and you wanted a strategy but if you don’t listen to any other thing in this episode, I hope you listen to this. For you to get more comfortable and confident with showing up online, you just need to start.

It’s same as anything that you do where it takes time and consistency before you are good at it. For example learning a new language. You don’t expect to be confident with speaking it at a restaurant right away but it’ll take time for you to build the knowledge in the language and to finally have courage to speak it at a restaurant to order your food.

Same as showing up online! You just need to do the damn thing.



To just get yourself into the habit, you can use a lower commitment platform such as Instagram stories because it does give you an opportunity to re-record if you don’t like it. Instagram stories also disappear after 24 hours so if you don’t like something, it’ll just disappear the next day



This might be contradictory to the second tip but I really started to gain my confidence online when I did Youtube. If you guys didn’t know I actually had a Youtube channel and posted for around 3 months before deciding to put it on a pause because it was sucking up a lot of my time and being a side hustler myself, I wanted to focus more on other areas in my business with the time that I had.

Because it was a higher commitment platform, I really trained myself to get over the fear that there was a potential that hundreds and thousands of people would be watching. I put my big girl pants on and just sucked it up and did it.

The videos I have I still cringe at looking at it but I have gotten so much more confident on camera because of it and now Instagram stories that used to take me hours now takes me seconds!



In some capacity, challenge yourself to show up online every single day. If you want to start with a lower platform on Instagram, dedicate the next 30 days straight to do it. I promise you that you will be so much more confident at day 30 compared to day 1 and that it will be come easier and easier.



Confidence doesn’t mean being the loudest most bubbly, excited person. Part of being confident is also being yourself. Even introverts can be confident online. A perfect example would be Eileen from Lavendaire. She is not the most extrovert person out there but she is such an amazing human being – I love watching her content and she is confident in her own way but she has such a soothing, calming and nurturing vibe to her.

Getting online and showing up confidently takes time and commitment. My hope is that reading this article or listening to this podcast inspired you to at least try ONE of these tips. I promise that the results will be ten fold in your business once you start implementing!

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